Washable Face Mask

With this ongoing Corona environment, it is important to wear a face mask to minimize one’s risk of getting contaminated. Buying a new face mask daily can be costly, but wearing the same mask for a long period can also prove to be risky. In such a scenario, Washable Face Mask or Resuable Dace Mask comes handy. These can be reused up to 30 gentle washes. If you are looking for one of the trustworthy Washable Face Mask Manufacturers in Kolkata, West Bengal, Aikyatan Traders is here to serve you. Our offered face masks are as per the industry-guidelines and safe, breathable, comfortable and reusable.

Why Should You Buy Our Washable Face Masks?

  • 100% Made in India
  • Allow you to breathe comfortably with full protection.
  • Fits snugly on the face because of its wider face coverage design.
  • Because of its 6+ layer particle filtration design, it offers maximum protection to the wearer.
  • Environmentally friendly, because it is reusable up to 30 gentle wash.
  • Easy to put on and comfortable to wear because of soft ear-loops.
  • Antiviral, antibacterial and droplet resistance for better safety.
  • Prevent you from influenza or infection or virus by keeping your mouth and nose cover.

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Our name is well-known among the top Washable Face Masks Suppliers and Wholesaler in India. You can put your faith in our Waterproof Face Mask, as we strictly follow industry-guidelines and promise to not let you down in any manner. For bulk orders, fill the enquiry form or call now.

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